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Sleep under the stars
During the day you visit some of the most famous sites in the protected area. We used a jeep to cover the spaces between places. At each location there is plenty of time to explore, hike, climb and enjoy before returning to the cave, and of course enjoy watching the sunset in the same place we slept. An active day full of diversity in the amazingly beautiful Wadi Rum desert.

  1. Lawrence Spring
  2. Sand Dunes
  3. Khazali Valley
  4. The Little Bridge
  5. Lawrence House
  6. The Mushroom Rock
  7. Al Burdah Rock Bridge
  8. Wadi Abu Khashabah
  9. Um Frouth

Sleep under the Stars

90 dinars per person
70 dinars  /On the one person / for 2-3 people
60 dinars  /On the one person / 4 people
40 dinars  /On the one person / 9 people or more
Child under 5 years free of charge
Dinner included. lunch. breakfast. Water.
blankets; mattresses.

And when you finish your tour, you go to a beautiful place to sleep under the stars near the mountain and there your guide lights a fire for you and enjoy the experience of the nomads in the desert

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