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Barda rocky arch with a tour with hiking
1. Arc Purdah (One Day)

From the village we will take you to Jabal Al Burda by car with an English translator. The flight takes two hours after disembarkation. The guide will cook you lunch. After that you can move to some beautiful areas and then watch the sunset and then head to the camp.

100 JOD – 1 Person
75 JOD – 2-3 Persons
60 JOD – 4-6 Persons
*Price is per personWater lunch included

Umm Dami with a tour and hiking
2. Jebel Umm Adami (1 day)
Jebel Umm Adami is the highest mountain in Jordan on the border with Saudi Arabia. If you are at the top of the mountain, you can see Saudi Arabia on one side and the Wadi Rum desert on the other. Mount Umm Adami at an altitude of 1832 m above sea level – the village of Wadi Rum 1000 m above sea level.
120 JOD – 1 Person
75 JOD – 2 Persons
60 JOD – 3-4 Persons
50 JOD – 5-6 Persons
*Price is per person
Water lunch included


Al-Hash Mountains with a tour with hiking
3. Jabal Al-Hash (one day)

This mountain is not far from Umm al-Dami. It is located in the south of the protected area. Some people say that the view from the top is better than that of Umm al-Dami. If you do both heights, you can be the judge. The trip takes about 2-3 hours, drink Bedouin tea with thyme on top of the mountain.
80 dinars per person
60 dinars /On the one person/ from 2-4 people
40 dinars /On the one person/ from 5 to 8 people
Water lunch included

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